Castelo de Arnóia

Celorico de Basto, Arnoia - Celorico de Basto


Castle of Arnoia

This Romanesque Castle, formerly located in Terra de Basto, fits in the castling movement that marked Europe between the 10th and 12th centuries. Highlighting its structure, positioned on top of a hill, are four defensive elements: the watchtower (whose rooftop and set of battlements were reconstructed in the 20th century), the quadrangular tower, a single door and the tank. Archaeological remains relating to the occupation of the fort between the 14th and 16th centuries were identified. This is now the time of decay of the structure that, in peacetime, was a mere symbol of administrative power and lordly power that patronized the territory. The abandonment definitely occurred from 1717, when elites left the small village of Basto, moving the seat of the county to the parish of Britelo, where today is located Celorico de Basto. The memory of the small village of Basto still persists along the branch route that originated it and that linked the old road of Lixa to the major route of Amarante-Arco de Baúlhe, identified as the present-day village of Castelo. The pillory, the house of hearings and the chemist's are reminiscent of the busy street along which the village developed. 

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