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Celorico de Basto

Celorico de Basto is a lovely village from the North of Portugal, by the River Tâmega, formed by fertile valleys, with a rich and interesting history, in a place of great natural beauty, in between the Barroso and Marão Mountain ranges.

The origins of the village are ancient, with many different people and cultures inhabiting this territory, before the arrival of the Romans to the Iberian Peninsula.
Celorico da Beira’s history is linked to the one of its Castle, with a foundation previous to the Portuguese Nationality (12th century), and the motor of development of the village, that was formed after the Castle’s influence and defence. In fact, both the Castles of Celorico and Árnóias were strategic defensive points during all the Middle Age.

The region presents a large number of Manor Houses that, mainly after the 7th century started to be built all around, changing thereafter the landscape with several Baroque elements, with the regional materials, like the Casa do Campo, the Boa Vista and Outeiro (18th century) Solars, the Casa da Portela, the Gandarela, the Prado (9th century) or the Casa da Igreja (18th century).

The surrounding nature is one of the greatest attributes of Celorico de Basto, and from the Viewpoints of Alto do Viso and Árnóia Castle one has astonishing panoramas, with views from the Tâmega valley up until the Alvão and Marão Mountain ranges.

The Gastronomy of the region is rich in specialities like the “Arroz de Cabidela" (Chicken with rice), the cabbage with beans and smoked ham, the roasted kid goat, or the famous Serra Cheese, as well as several Pastries and desserts, like the “Pão-de-Ló” (a light cake with egg cream), the “Cavacas” (sugar based biscuit) or the egg-pudding.

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