Convento de Nossa Senhora da Graça

Torres Vedras


The Convento de Nossa Senhora da Graça, in Torres Vedras, was founded in the late fourteenth century and would become right away - and up to the nineteenth century - the main religious and cultural center of the village.

After a first unsuccessful attempt in the thirteenth century, the building was founded at a place opposite the church of St. James in 1366.

In 1559, the old building began to be demolished to make use of the materials for the construction of the new church, which was already completed in 1580.

In the first quarter of the eighteenth century the building was subject to an architectural renovation. The monastery grew in fame and influence, reaching a high point in 1778, when Frei Gonçalo de Lagos was canonized.

The monastery now houses the Municipal Museum of Torres Vedras and its archaeological and ethnographic collections.

The Church of the Convent is perhaps the place that stays most true to the style and of it's origins.

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