Entre-os Rios



Entre-os-Rios (“in between the rivers”) is a small village in the lovely Penafiel department, on the Northern region of the Country, a place forever influenced by its location on the confluence of the rivers Tâmega and Douro.

It is thought that this is a region occupied by Men since remote periods, with a privileged situation next to two important rivers, and with quite fertile soils all around.
During the 12th century, this region was developing quite well, mainly due to fluvial trading. During the Middle ages the development was almost none, returning back in the 19th and 20th century with the industrial development and the foundation of the much important railway.

Entre-os-Rios has a considerable architectonic heritage, proud of monuments such as the lovely Santo António Chapel, the Santa Maria de Eja Church or the majestic São Miguel de Entre-os-Rios Romanesque Church.

The surrounding nature is of great beauty, with bucolic landscapes filled with peace of mind, providing pure leisure moments, like in the Thermal Complex, nowadays completely restored with hotel units, or relaxing moments in the lovely Engenheiro Duarte Pacheco Park.

Entre-os-Rios got its place in history when, on the 4th of March 2001, the old Hintze Ribeiro Bridge tragically collapsed, causing in the terrible accident the death of 59 people. This horrendous tragedy is exposed on the Victims Homage Monument.



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