Ilha da Madeira, Faial - Santana


Faial is a charming small village situated in the Santana department, on the lovely slope of the Northern Coast of the wonderful Madeira Island, at about 219 meters high.
It is said that the toponym “Faial” derivates from the many evergreen shrub, named as “faia” (myrica faya), in a large number all over the region. The settlement developed around an ancient chapel of Our Lady of Nativity, which is said to be built of a big stem of a cedar tree. This chapel was probably destroyed by the wild Metade and Faial streamlets, and another temple was built in 1771.

Situated on the irregular slopes of the northern area of Madeira, this is an agricultural settlement since the first colonization times, keeping all over the centuries its traditional, rural and peaceful features. From here one can access some of the most beautiful Levadas in Madeira, pluvial water courses that have been adapted over the centuries in order to take advantage for the agricultural irrigation, constituting nowadays one of the best tools to better know the real inner of this amazing Island, often named as the “Atlantic Pearl”.

Faial is proud of its lovely natural landscapes, of its rural environment, of monuments such as the Mother Church, totally restored on the 20th century, of the Catanho de Menezes Family Fort, or the many pleasant places with wonderful panoramas such as the Ribeira do Faial Mouth, that offers unique leisure moments, or contemplation sites such as the Guindaste Viewpoint, the Penha de Águia, or the amazing Fajã da Nogueira Natural Reserve.

The Faial region is also famous for its other very typical Madeira feature: its traditional Handicraft, with old knowledge and techniques, producing various works of regional embroidery, wicker and wood objects.

Every September, the celebrations in honour to Nossa Senhora da Natividade and the celebrations to the Senhor Santíssimo Sacramento, fill the region with colour, tradition and devotion.

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