Igreja de Santa Maria de Veade

Celorico de Basto, Veade - Celorico de Basto


Church of Saint Mary of Veade

Built in the 13th century, where a small chapel once stood, the present-day Church of Veade was, however, a dramatically changed structure in the 18th century. From the Romanesque period side portals subsist, despite being rotated during the Baroque interventions, which reoriented the Church (originally the main façade found itself facing west, following the so-called canonical orientation) and a west head was added. The north and south portals are deeply ornated, displaying pearls and botanic and phytomorphic motifs, snippets of chequered friezes and capitals where the common theme depicts the basins of rivers Tâmega and Douro, under the influence of the city of Braga: the scene of Daniel in the lions' den. Although the main portal shows the profound changes that the Church underwent at the hands of Commander Álvaro Pinto, from the noble families of Lamego, it is within that the Baroque style is understood in all its splendour. Although previous campaigns are distinguished, of Mannerist nature, Baroque is the scenery that takes up the entire space. Between the use of gilded wood, to the granite polychrome, and the tile bottom of the chancel, the expression “horror of emptiness”, used by some to describe this style, here takes on particular significance.

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