Lagos is a dynamic and active city, which is justifiably proud of its past and possesses a very rich and well preserved patrimony.
The region of Lagos has a long history linking it to the sea. Its original name, Lacobriga, reflects the fact that the first inhabitants of this port, in roughly 2000 years BC, were of Celtic origin. After them came the Phoenicians, Greeks and Carthaginians, but it was the Romans that brought growth and prosperity to the town. The Moors built walls around Lagos in the 10th century and gave it the name of Zawaia. They remained here until the town was conquered by the Christians in 1249 and became part of the Portuguese territory.
The 15th century was the golden age for the town of Lagos, with its immediate involvement in the period of the Discoveries. Due to the port’s location, directly across from Africa, it became the major point of departure and arrival for the ships that, year after year, set sail in discovery of that continent.
New walls were built in the 16th century to keep pace with the city’s expansion, and, from 1572 onwards, Lagos became the see of the bishopric and the official residence of the governors of the Algarve.

Nowadays, Lagos still keeps its ancient cosmopolitism and the complicity with the ocean, answering the challenges of the present, with respect for the past. It is more than worth to visit its churches, museums, castle and the walls where one can witness beautiful sights over the town, the bay and the mountain range of Monchique.
The Ponta da Piedade is one of the magical spots in the country, and also the beaches of this region are considered to be some of the most beautiful in this side of the Algarve. A walk of boat by the caverns and grottos provides unforgettable moments and this coast - known as the Coast of Gold - is ideal for the practice of nautical sports.

The gastronomy of this region - based mainly on fish and shellfish - is also one of the most praised in the Algarve, illustrating the reasons why Lagos is often considered to be one of the most beautiful and pleasant places in the Algarve.

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