Malveira da Serra



Malveira da Serra is a small village near Alcabideche, in Cascais, situated in the Lisboa region.

This picturesque village is located in the heart of the beautiful Sintra-Cascais Natural Park, in between the luxuriant Sintra mountain and the wide Atlantic Ocean.

This is a region occupied by man since ancient times, and its rural characteristics are very obvious. In fact, Malveira da Serra is well known for its quality bread that is here produced, due to its fertile cereal fields.

Fertile soils, game abudancy and good pasture fields, as well as the proximity with several water courses and the great Atlantic ocean, have contributed all over the centuries for the development of this region.

Malveira da Serra’s privileged location has led into, in the past decades, a big development and urban growth that has limited the rural and peaceful character of the village. Several new residences, private condominiums as well as weekend and holidays houses have been built, in a expansion of the metropolitan Lisboa region.

Nevertheless, a walk through the village and the amazing surrounding nature of the Sintra-Cascais Natural Park is more than worth. In the village’s centre one can observe the Chapel, and throughout the region there are several mills of different kinds and periods.

Malveira da Serra is nowadays endowed with several facilities, such as commerce, services, restaurants and accommodation.

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