Martim Longo



Also known as Martinlongo or Martilongo, this is a peaceful small village nearby Alcoutim, in the Algarve region, close to the border with the vast Alentejo region. This is a perfect example of the “other” Algarve, filled with charisma and beauty, distant from the tourist beaches of golden sand, yet filled with beauty, tradition and rural heritage.

The village and its small settlements is surrounded by a great beauty nature, worth to be known.

Martim Longo evidences human occupancy since remote periods, showing off some Roman occupancy vestiges. Martim Longo was quite important in the 16th century, with the development of the textile industry.

This peaceful small village is proud of its 16th century Mother Church, of the Espírito Santo, São Sebastião and Santa Justa Chapels and also of the Museum Nucleus in Santa Justa and Barrada, dedicated to the ethnology of the region, filled with tradition.

One of the most important heritage of Martim Longo is its interesting Handicraft, namely the woollen rugs and the much famous Dolls made of jute, or even the cork miniatures.

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