Monte Estoril



Monte Estoril is a small village next to Estoril, located in a privileged spot of this lovely Coast, quite famous for its beaches and manor houses, place of election for the upper social classes, both national and international.

The locality had its origin in beginnings of the 20th century, developed by the construction of the railway that links Lisboa to Cascais. With a superb location and idyllic landscapes, Monte Estoril was already in 1910 a place of election of the aristocracy and the royal family ,and with the Second Great War a refuge for luxury exiled celebrities.

The Monte do Estoril’s architecture denote this luxury history, with several manor houses and summer houses for the aristocracy, like the “Casa do Monte Estoril”, built in 1917 in a late-baroque profusely decorated, a style that marked all this period and the Estoril Coast, like the houses Rey Colaço, Jorge Colaço, Batalha Reis or the lovely Saint Julian’s Palace.
In this period many luxury tourist resorts and spas start to be projected and built, attracting more visitors that easily fall in love with the place.

The Carlos Anjos Garden also known as “Passarinhos Garden” is surrounded by charming and luxury hotels and invites the visitors to delightfull walks, usually frequented both by tourists as by local inhabitants, during leisure moments.
The long seaside promenade that separates the locality of Monte Estoril of its great beaches is a symbol of the region, linking both to Cascais and to São joão do Estoril, filled with bars, restaurants and lovely esplanades, perfect to enjoy the best that the place has to offer.

Quite interesting is the Portuguese Music Museum, composed by the assets of Fernando Lopes-Graça and Michel Giacometti, in the Verdades de Faria House-Museum.



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