Roman Theatre Museum

1100-059 Lisboa - Lisboa


Located on the Southern slope of the São Jorge Castle, on the historical centre of wonderful Lisboa, the set of the Museum and Ruins of the Theatre are an important heritage of the region that proudly shows off the importance of Lisboa since early times.

The Roman Theatre of Lisboa was probably built in the Augusto Emperor epoch, on the 1st century b.C., and abandoned already in the 4th century a.C., holding the capacity for about 5000 people.

The theatre was abandoned in the Middle Ages and disappeared underground, until the great earthquake that destroyed a huge part of the Country and a vast part of Lisboa, leading to the reconstruction of the town. In 1798 this great Roman heritage was discovered and studied since then.
Classified as a Public Interest Building since 1967, the monument has been object to several researches and archaeological works. Therefore, part of the seats, the orchestra pit, the central stage and several decorative elements.

The Museum was created in order to preserve and value this important heritage, including an exhibition area, an archaeological site, information, multimedia, multilingual video and touch screens and also the ruins of the theatre in its original site.

A great way to discover the important and ancient history of the amazing Lisboa.

Timetables: Tuesday to Sunday 10 am to 1pm and 2pm to 6pm. | Closed on Sundays and Bank holidays.

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