The Oleiros village is situated in an area of great natural beauty, in a mountain region of schist and clay, characterized by its pine tree rural landscapes and abundant water courses.

Oleiros has an interesting Religious heritage, as one can confirm by its Mother Church (16th and 18th centuries), in the Misericórdia Church (16th century) and by its Nossa Senhora Mãe dos Homens Chapel, dated from the 18th century.

The natural heritage of the region is Oleiro’s best highlights, with pleasant places like the Fluvial Beach, quite frequented during summer time.

One of the region’s symbol is the Windmill, present throughout the department, showing off the importance of the maize culture in the area.
Pine tree is the main tree in the region, with some industrial unities exploring this material.

The traditional Gastronomy of the region has special dishes like Kid-goat roasted, Coney stew or grilled Trouts. The “Calum” wine is one of the special wines produced in the region, along the Sertã river margins. “Calum” is a light white wine, with a small amount of alcohol.



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