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Ouguela is a lovely settlement belonging to the São João Baptista small village, located in the vast Alentejo region, on the lovely Campo Maior department.

Located at about 270 meters high, Ouguela has been able to maintain its peaceful and medieval ambiance throughout the centuries.

This is a locality with quite ancient human occupancy. It has probably origins in a proto-historical settlement, afterwards occupied by Romans, Visigoths and Moors. In fact, Ouguela was once named as “Budua” (Roman occupancy period) and by “Niguela”, by the time of the Visigoth occupancy.

Once a more developed locality, Ouguela lost some of its importance as the wars and disputes with Spain came to an end, due to its location quite close to the border.
In fact, Ouguela Castle was an important defensive instrument, namely during the Portuguese Restoration War, the Spanish Succession War and the Oranges War, and for innumerous times attacked and sieged by the Spanish forces.

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