Paul is a lovely mountainside village nearby Covilhã, situated in the southern slope of the wide Estrela Mountain range, on the left bank of the pleasant Caia river.

This is a region of quite fertile soils that produce much appreciated vegetables that have provided through the centuries a lovely rural appearance and helped set populations since remote periods. It is probable that several people and civilisations have inhabited the region, like Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans and Arabs, that here left their influences and agricultural knowledge.

This lovely village has been, inclusively, voted as the second most Portuguese village, being the first one Monsanto.

It is worth to visit its winding narrow streets, surrounded by small houses in agricultural areas, with such interesting monuments like the Mother Church with Baroque elements, the Espírito do Santo Chapel, the Old Paúl Bridge, the interesting Ethnographic Museum situated in a typical mountaiside house, the Pillory right next to the Praça Fountain, or even the many rural heritages such as the several wind and water mills, wine presses, among many other.

Paúl is proud of the Nossa Senhora das Dores Sanctuary built in 1954, after a promise made during the French Invasion: if Paul did not suffer any arm a new temple would be built in the Fonte Santa Mount. This Sanctuary is constituted by a majestic stairway sided by 12 chapels with scenes of the life of Jesus Christ, with the Temple on the top of the stairs, next to the lovely snack park.

The region is endowed with several green and natural areas, in an environment of peace of mind and tranquillity, like in the lovely Caia river and in Paul Valley.

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