Pereiro is a small peaceful fishermen village situated in the lovely Alcoutim department, in a mountainside area of great beauty, with the lovely Vascão and Foupana streamlets, nearby the border with the vast Alentejo region. This is a perfect example of the “other” Algarve, filled with charisma and beauty, distant from the tourist beaches of golden sand, yet filled with beauty, tradition and rural heritage.

This small picturesque settlement is characterized by its typical small white houses placed in irregular rural streets with a mountain side environment.

This is probably a region inhabited by men since remote periods, with great interest for the Romans because of its mineral extracted from the soils, of great importance for the Roman empire at that time.

Pereiro, which toponym derivates from the many wild pear trees (“pereiro”) present in the region, is proud of its heritage, with monuments such as the 16th century São Marcos Church and the interesting Museum Nucleus in Fonte Zambujo, a complement of the other nucleus in -Martim Longo, Giões and Vaqueiros. This nucleus is dedicated to the ethnology of the region, filled with rural tradition and knowledge.

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