Pinhão is a lovely village situated on the right bank of the great Douro river, in the Northern region of Portugal, considered to be the “heart” of the Alto Douro that produces the famous Port Wine. Many farms that generate this much appreciated wine are located in Pinhão Regions, that is also one of the areas classified by UNESCO as World Cultural Heritage.

Pinhão owes its toponym to the river with the same name that has its mouth in this locality, providing lovely landscapes.

The surrounding landscape is of unique beauty, with a luxuriant nature all around together with the magnitude and harmony of the river Douro. Many Manor houses and small palaces, big noble farms (“Quintas”) show off the wealth that Port Wine has provided to the region throughout the centuries.

One of the best monuments in the village is its Railway Station, built in the 19th century, with glazed tiles panels of great beauty, illustrating scenes of everyday life in Pinhão, like the own production of the Port Wine , since the gathering of the grapes, to the stepping of it or even the transportation by a wooden typical boat (“Rabelo”) through the Douro river right into Vila Nova de Gaia, where the Cellars are located.
The railway was one of the development causes in Pinhão, facilitating the communication where regional products were and are commercialized.

The tourist feature of this village has been quite developed over the last years, and it is a mandatory stopping point of the famous Douro Cruises, with a good accommodation and restaurants offer, as well as several bars and cafeterias where the great Port wine can be tasted, and several handicraft and local products shops.

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