São Mamede



The small village of São Mamede belongs to the village of Roliça, nearby Bombarral.
This rural small village is a picturesque peaceful place, marked by the fertile soils of this lovely Bombarral region.

São Mamede has several vestiges of ancient human occupancy, as one can attest by its Hill Fort where many Bronze and Copper Age vestiges were found and are nowadays in exhibition in the Municipal Museum of Bombarral and in the Archaeology National Museum, in Lisboa.

São Mamede also presents its lovely Nossa Senhora da Esperança Chapel, from the 16th century, integrated in the wonderful Quinta da Freiria, and the rural Temple of São Mamede that probably dates back from 1758.

Also quite interesting is the wonderful Melos e Castro Manor House or Quinta São Mamede, built between the 16th and 18th centuries, where the Portuguese Royal Family stayed twice during the 18th century.

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