Alter do Chão


Seda is a pleasant small typical village nearby Alter do Chão, in the Alentejo region.
It is situated in a small dimension hill, surrounded by the typical delightful Alentejo’s plain terrain.
The human occupation vestiges in Seda indicate pre-roman vestiges, with several Dolmens that can be found in the surroundings. However, the vestiges of the Roman occupation are obvious, specially the Vila Formosa Bridge: a Roman Bridge that passes through the Seda small river, that was included in the military road that linked Lisboa to Mérida during the Roman occupation period of the Iberian Peninsula.
The picturesque white houses that come down the hill reminds at all time the calm and peace of mind of the Alentejo region, and the Nossa Senhora do Espinheiro Church and the ruins of the walls that surrounded the Castle, up in the hill, as well as the S. João, S. Bento and S. Brás Chapels, along with the vestiges of the São Veríssimo Monastery, confirm the Seda’s historical and cultural significance.

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