Sintra Mountain Range



Sintra’s Mountain Range is situated in between the plain terrain of the “Saloia” region and the wide ocean, constituted by a medium high granite massif, with the higher point in Cruz Alta, at 520 meters high.

Sintra’s mountain is by many considered to be a mystical and magical place, with a luxuriant vegetation, on the surroundings of the big Lisboa region, right in the heart of the Sintra-Cascais Natural Park.
The unique beauty of its cultural landscape is classified as World Heritage by UNESCO.

Once named “Monte da Lua” (“Hill of the Moon“) the energetic and mystical connotation of Sintra’s mountain comes since ancient times, also associated to its micro-climate that surrounds it with a magical mist that allows the growing of a rich flora, consequently enriching as well its fauna.
In Sintra’s mountain range inhabit foxes, moles, salamanders, vipers, in between ancient and huge oak, pine and cork-oak trees, among many other species.

Considered to be the Romantic Mountain, Sintra is very looked for a large number of visitors that fall in love with it, possessing countless natural, monumental, cultural and artistically richness.
Several pedestrian walks, mountain bikes and sports utility vehicles itineraries, and a wide variety of activities frequently take place in Sintra, that is also characterized by its hospitality and unique nooks, with many special places to get to know.

For those who already know Sintra one certain is for real: there is still much to see and discover!

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