Caramulo Mountain



The beautiful Caramulo Mountain rises at about 1071 meters high, on a region of transition between the mountainside areas and the coastal zone, filled with beautiful landscapes, picturesque small villages and several crystalline water courses, with its highest peak in Caramulinho, at 1075 meters high.

The vegetation is quite dense in these schist and granite soils, where populations have wisely been able to take advantage of what the best the land has to offer, maintaining its rural and traditional ambiance all over the centuries.
Throughout this mountain can be found several small villages and localities of great charm and tradition, some of them lately restored and conserved as a cultural tourism fomentation and heritage protection. Therefore, in this region there are several charming and rural accommodations, as well as a good variety of Tourism enterprises that organize tourist nature and extreme sports activities.

The Caramulo Moutain was for many years known as a place of healing, due to its pure air, and even nowadays can be seen in the Caramulo village some of the many sanatoriums for the tuberculosis that here existed, offering to the village and the mountain the nickname of “pure”.

Throughout the Caramulo Mountain there are several astonishing pedestrian itineraries that allow to better know the charms of these landscapes, and also the fauna and flora of this natural beauty. Also, in the interesting Cambarinho Botanical Reserve, one can observe a beautiful natural world where is located the biggest Oleander concentration in Europe, on an area of 24 hectares, filled with beauty mainly during the May and June months, when they bloom and fulfil the mountain with colour.



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