Pico Mountain Climbing

Ilha do Pico - Madalena


The climbing to the highest point of Portugal, on the Pico Mountain, Pico Island, Azores Archipelago, is undoubtedly an unforgettable experience, yet not advised to all the physical conditions, although it is not a technically difficult climbing.
The Pico Volcano Peak is located at 2.351 meters above sea level, and is the highlight of the wonderful Pico Mountain Natural Reserve, from where one has astonishing panoramas over the Pico Island and its neighbour Islands and the vast Atlantic Ocean.

The climbing, with about 5km, is made by paths and ways with signage (concrete marks with about one meter high) that are also references in the itinerary, nevertheless the services of the official Guides are advised, for a safest and more interesting experience.

The recommended months for the Pico Climbing are only Summer ones, due to the high altitude and the weather variation that are felt during the way. The visitor must be aware of the climate and humidity changes and variations and carry both light clothes and warm and waterproof clothes, as well as adherent and comfortable shoes.

The climbing is quite sluggish, therefore it is advisable to take the enough amount of energetic food and drinks for several hours of climbing.

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