Tábua is a pleasant village located on an area of fertile soils, on a region occupied by Men since pre-historical times. Throughout the region there are some vestiges of these pre-historical presence, as well as Roman occupancy vestiges, like in Póvoa de Midões.

Throughout the lovely Tábua region can be found several Manor Houses, showing off the richness that these fertile soils have provide to the Land Lords, leaving a stately architectonic heritage, such as the Milagres House, the Soares de Albergaria House, the Caeiro da Matta House, among many others.

Tábua is proud of its monuments, with highlights in the 19th century Mother Church, with a rich interior, the Senhor dos Milagres Chapel (18th century), the Conde de Ferreira School, that nowadays houses the Tourist Office, the ancient Building of the Jail and Court, housing nowadays the Municipal Library, the famous Village’s Arch, or the lovely Luminous Fountain.

The Sarah Beirão Garden offers pleasant leisure moments, with the House- Museum also opened for the public, showing the place where this Writer lived, originating the Sarah Beirão and António da Costa Carvalho Foundation, that provides great care to the old age.

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