Torre de Moncorvo

Torre de Moncorvo


Torre de Moncorvo is located on the North of Portugal, on the south of the northeast Trás-os-Montes region, nearby the border with Spain, on the confluence of the Sabor and Douro rivers.

The rivers Sabor and Douro are a symbol of the landscape in this region, yet not less important are the Vilariça Valley and the Reboredo Mountain.

One of the Torre de Moncorvo main highlights is the Mother Church, classified as National Heritage and considered to be the greatest religious temple of Trás-os-Montes.
To better appreciate the beauty of this village, a walk through the historical centre is highly recommended. Here one can observe the interesting Medieval Nucleus with several beautiful Manor Houses, and also the Iron Museum and the many workshops which sell regional products, one of the most famous one is the Moncorvo’s covered almond.

Torre de Moncorvo is an important part of a route named as “Blossoming Almond Trees” that reach their splendour from February to March.



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