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Lajes do Pico is a charming village located on the wonderful southeast coast of the amazing Pico Island, Azores Archipelago, famous for its strong Whale Hunting tradition that gave a very own ambiance to the locality.

Lajes was the first village in the Island, and since the very beginning based its economy on the agricultural activity, cultivating mainly cereals, but also the crescent vineyard plantation, where it got more and more important, producing the famous Verdelho Wine, that here found the best conditions with the volcanic soils and high humidity. Nowadays this Regional Interest Protected Landscape of the Culture of the Vineyard in Pico Island is considered to be an unique heritage, classified by UNESCO as World Heritage.

Nevertheless, Lajes do Pico is well known for its Whale Hunting tradition, forbidden since the 1980’s yet quite important until those days. The Whale hunting tradition and its industry had its peak in the 19th century and its strong tradition is still quite visible in the village’s ambiance.
The several companies that promote boat trips for the cetaceous observation in the Ocean Atlantic waters follow the same vigilance traditions of other times and allow wonderful moments of nature contact and contemplation, in a peaceful and beautiful landscape.
Every year in August takes place the Whaleman Week in honour to Our Lady of Lourdes, the protector Saint of the Whaleman, filled with tradition, culture, religious events and activities that gather together locals and visitors.

Lajes do Pico delights all visitors with its lovely architectonic, social and cultural heritage with astonishing landscapes that are worth to be contemplated.
The village is proud of monuments such as the 17th century Santa Catarina Fort that houses nowadays the Tourist Office, the 17/18th century Franciscan Convent and Church of Our Lady of Conception, the 19th century Santíssima Trindade and the São Bartolomeu Churches, the Santa Catarina and the São Pedro Chapels, the several Manor Houses that show off the economical importance of the village throughout the centuries, and other rural and agricultural legacies, such as wells and bridges that can be seen in the region.
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