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Sports Training Camps and Recreational Activities
Considered to be one of the most beautiful islands in the world, Madeira differs from what we expect to see when we imagine island in the ocean. Located roughly 580 kilometers off the coast of north Africa (just north of the Canary Islands), the Madeira Islands are a territory of Portugal. Perhaps known best as the home of footballer Cristiano Ronaldo, and among a certain crowd, for its wine,Madeira is famous for little else.Smack dab in between Europe and Africa in the Atlantic, the islands of Madeira are a veritable haven of natural beauty. The bright colours of the flowers stand out from among the blue sea and the lush green vegetation; this is an archipelago where sixty percent of land is protected area and where the largest Laurisilva forest in the world is located.Madeira enjoys a subtropical climate, thus the weather is near perfect all round the year. The air and sea temperature maintains at about 20C throughout the year. The rainy season lasts from October-March, but again it’s quite mild.An archipelago, the mesmerizing blue water and lush green vegetation attracts more than a million tourists each year. Its naturally welcoming environment makes these island an ideal location for a scenic getaway. With its volcanic heart, exuberant botany and dramatic scenery, you will surely fall in love with this place the moment you land here.All of these factors make Madeira an ideal place for sports training camps at any time of year!

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