Frossos - Braga
Praceta Tenente Duarte nº20 4700-150 Frossos Braga (Frossos - Braga),4700-150 (Braga)
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FORLEGU was born in 2020 after a long personal / professional journey between Europe and Africa, meeting the strong need for its own project and know-how acquired with over 20 years of experience in the management and execution of the most varied works in the sector.
Our main activity is directed to the sector of electrical installations, systems and automatisms. However, focused on adopting a different concept, FORLEGU has in its business structure a department exclusively dedicated to civil remodeling.
Our company is properly structured to award its services according to the needs of each department, here we do not mix the departments or the technicians who perform them, each service is performed by technicians properly trained for each specialty.


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