Alter Pedroso

Alter do Chão


Alter Pedroso is a charming small village in the Alter do Chão department, on the vast Alentejo region, on a place inhabited by Men since ancient times.

In fact, it is thought that the origin of the Alter do Chão village might be attributed to a Roman settlement, which was founded after an Iron Age settlement here in Alter Pedroso.

Located at about 400 meters high, from the small village of Alter Pedroso one has a fabulous panorama over the amazing Alentejo’s region landscape, where peace of mind still reigns.

Alter Pedroso was in gone times an important locality, although always with small dimensions, until the end of the 16th century, as it had a strategic geographic location. Nevertheless the Alter do Chão urban development and the constant desertification of Alter Pedroso lead to the annexation of the settlement to Alter do Chão village.

Alter Pedroso’s lovely white small houses with colorful bars around doors and windows, the many megalithic vestiges present in the region, the heritage, the ruins of the ancient castle, the ruins of the São Bento Chapel and the amazing panoramas that can be seen from here, offer great reasons to know the peaceful Alter Pedroso small village.

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