Right in the middle of the beautiful Caldeirão mountain range, Alte small village is considered by many to be the most typical village in the Algarve.
The Bank of Alte traverses the locality with its fresh water that can be listened to in all the locality, granting a pure and fresh environment to the Village of Alte.
In fact, the water is a very important attribute in this charming Village, where still today one can find the beautiful Fontes Pequena e Grande (Small and Big Fountains) that for centuries were a meeting point for women of the village that here filled their pitchers of to do the laundry. Today it is a appealing place that invites to a good picnic and to some restful hours right in the centre of the Algarve Mountain Range, at about 40km from the requested Algarve Coast.
Once upon a time a village of exclusively agricultural production, today it divides its economy with the power of the Tourist industry, maintaining still its typical look, but already well supplied with services and commerce. Restaurants and handicraft shops, where the best typical products of the region are sold, mark the importance of the regional products such as the aguardente de medronho (a kind of strong brandy made of red aggregate drupe, typical of the Algarve), honey, pottery and cheese.
The Church of Alte, from the 13 century and the São Luís Chapel are also worth the visit.

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