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Anjos is a peaceful small village located on the northern coast of the amazing Santa Maria Island, on the Azores Archipelago, famous for its charming bay classified as a Natural Reserve, and also for the historical landing of Christopher Columbus on his returning from the America’s Discovering.

The village has been able to maintain its traditional quietness, living mostly from what the best the earth, the cattle and the ocean have to offer. It is said that the first inhabitants of the Azores Archipelago first got here, coming mostly from the Algarve and Alentejo regions, coming alongside on this charming natural bay on the northern side of the Island.

Quite famous is the Nossa Senhora dos Anjos Chapel, in front of each stands the bronze sculpture in homage to Christopher Columbus. In fact it is said that Columbus ordered that here was celebrated the Thanksgiving Mass, after the discovery of the American continent, in 1493, as he promised while in high seas, that as soon as they would land in firm soil, as a thankful of this great accomplishment.

Anjos is also quite appreciated for its natural swimming pools, perfect for pleasant leisure moments, quite frequented during warm months.

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