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Avô is a lovely village located in the Central region of Portugal, by the rivers Alva and Pomares. Pomares river mouth forms a wonderful pond in Pego de Avô, with a charming small island (“Picoto Island”) right in the middle.
Avô is actually considered to be one of the most beautiful villages in Portugal.

The village has ancient origins, inhabet by Romans that searched for gold and lead mines in the region, and probably were the Romans that built the Castle, nowadays in Ruins. Avô was also inhabited by Moors, and conquered by the first Portuguese king D. Afonso Henriques, in the 12th century.
Further than the Ruins of this ancient Castle, that also include the Ruins of the São Miguel Church (16th and 17th centuries), Avô has other interesting monuments, like the lovely Mother Church (18th century) and the Chapels of Nossa Senhora dos Anjos (beginning of the 18th century), of Santa Quitéria (17th century) and the granite São Pedro Chapel (16th century), or the 14th century Manueline Pillory.

From the Varandas do Avô viewpoint one has a fantastic panorama, enriched by the beauty of the village assembling an artist’s painting, and all the amazing surrounding nature, with the Alva and Pomares Rivers being the beautiful frame that makes all the difference.

Not to be missed is the Fluvial Beach of Avô, by the Picoto Small Island, recently restored and enhanced with a children’ swimming pool with river water, lawn area, snack park, toilets and pedestrian itineraries.

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