Village located in Almada, Cacilhas is famous for its big Restaurant offer mainly dedicated to fresh fish, and also for the important public transport hub that link, through the typical “Cacilheiros” Boats, Lisboa to the South margin of the Tagus river, and enriched with a good road network.

The vestiges of human occupation in Cacilhas date back to the 8th century B.C., with archaeological points that attest the existence of a locality from the Bronze Age and, afterwards an important Phoenician trading centre. Cacilhas confirms, since remote times, the importance of the river Tagus, as a source of food and maintenance but, mostly as a communication and trading tool.

Cacilhas has a pleasant Riverside area, that lately has suffered several improvements and reformulation works, in order to adjust a depredated space in a charming leisure space with a better relation with the city and the river.
Cacilhas also comprehends a lovely heritage, like the Nossa Senhora do Bom Sucesso Church, the Archaeological station of Quinta do Amaraz that teach much about the history of the region, or the Roman Fish Salting Industry, probably built in the century 1 a.C..



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