Câmara de Lobos

Câmara de Lobos


Câmara de Lobos is an emblematic town, nearby the Madeira’s Island capital Funchal, abounded with beauty and famous for its nightlife.
One of the most ancient and historical places in the Island, Câmara de Lobos owes its existence to fishing and agriculture. This was one of first colonized places in Madeira, due to the easy accesses by sea with its charming bay, where nowadays several and varied colourful embarkations are docked.

Câmara do Lobos Estreito is nowadays one of the great producers of the much appreciated Madeira Wine, famous all over the world. The fertile soils of the region also produce the freshest vegetables and fruits, namely the renowned banana.

It was in Câmara de Lobos that the first Franciscan Convent outside Funchal was built, during the 15th, 18th and 19th centuries, and also the 16th century São Sebastião Mother Church and the 15th century Nossa Senhora do Calhau Chapel.

Known for being a town of young people, câmara de Lobos presents an animated night life, with many bars where the star drink is the “poncha”, nowadays available in all kind of flavour, yet originally was made by fishermen, using sugarcane rum, water, sugar and lemon peels. Delicious!

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