Antelas Dolmen

Oliveira de Frades


The Antela Dolmen is classified as a National Monument, such is its archaeological importance, considered to be one of the most interesting megalithic monuments in the Country.

On the exterior, its simplicity and an almost abandoned appearance do not foresee the great heritage in the interior: the decorative red and black paintings in the funerary chamber, discovered back in 1956 after important archaeological researches in the Dolmen.
The paintings and engravings present scheme compositions (geometrical), symbolic (abstracts) and semi-naturalists (figurative) of great interest.

The Dolmen was probably built between 3990 and 3700 b.C., and is constituted by the funerary chamber, defined by eight granite supports, with about 2,5 meters high and also a corridor.

Presently, the Antelas Dolmen is closed to the public, nevertheless its interior can be visited contacting the Oliveira de Frades Town Hall (Câmara Municipal).

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