Góis region has much to offer to all visitors, on a charming delightful rural ambiance.

The river, the main connection bond to all the department, offers all visitors an astonishing landscape.

The fluvial beaches, with astonishing landscapes, are known for the crystalline waters of the river Ceira, bringing many visitors and also locals to enjoy the good conditions they have to offer.

Also the mountain side is quite present in Góis, inviting for pleasant walks, both walking or by car, bike or motorbike, astonishing all nature lovers.

In the surroundings it is common to observe some wild animals in their very own habitat, such as boars or foxes, as well as a large variety of bird species.

In the Góis Tourist Office are available pre-scheduled tours where visitors may opt to choose among car or walking tours.

Góis main highlights are the Pedra Letreira (in Cabeçadas – Alvares), the Góis Bridge, the town hall noble room, the 16th century Mother Church, the Pombal Fountain, the Nossa Senhora da Candosa Chapel (in Vila Nova do Ceira), the Colmeal Fluvial Beach and the lovely Cabreira Bridge in Cadafaz.



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