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Church of Saint Michael of Entre-os-Rios

The Church of Saint Michael of Entre-os-Rios is located in an area significant to the Christian Reconquest period known as the civitas of Anégia. Anégia was a part of the political-military reorganization led by King Alfonso III of Asturias, which aimed to create safe conditions for settlement in the Douro valley in the 10th century. The earliest reference to the Church of Saint Michael dates back to the 11th century, linking the current building to a 14th century reform. This building combines construction typical of the Romanesque style with Gothic elements, namely the botanic decoration of the crossing arch and the north portal.  This portal demonstrates more sophisticated decoration than the main portal, presenting an archivolt decorated with diamond-tip motifs and eight-petal faceted and bevelled leaves, resembling the cross arch in the Church’s interior. The medieval chancel was extended and elevated in the 18th century, also receiving a Baroque altarpiece in the national style ornamented with Marian symbols.

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