Fábrica do Inglês



** The Fábrica do Inglês is closed since 2010 **

The Fábrica do Inglês (meaning “Englishman factory”) is a leisure, events and cultural space situated right in the centre of the Algarve region, in Silves. This is a renovated space and an important heritage of the region, as it once was an important cork factory, and the region was one of the most important cork producers in the Country.

Opened all year, this space comprehends a big room with about 1000 square meters and the capacity for 800 people for the most diversified activities; an interesting Cork Museum; a documentation and archive centre; the delightful “Jardim das Laranjeiras” garden and the Tea House; the Cybernetic Fountains of the “Aquavision” - a night show with special effects where the interesting Silves history is told based on water and lights; a lovely Children’s Park and the enjoyable Restaurant area with a wide variety.

This Fábrica do Inglês is a Factory-Museum with a high quality cultural offer, offering wonderful moments of leisure, fun, culture and animation all year long.

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