Fajã dos Cubres

Calheta ( Ilha São Jorge )


The beautiful Fajã dos Cubres is one of the prestige images of the lovely São Jorge Island, on the Azores Archipelago, with its landscape protected with the classification of Place of International Interest, such is its importance and natural beauty.

“Fajã” is the name given in the Azores to the plain terrains with a small extension, situated on the seaside, formed by materials from the cliffs or from the ocean’s and wind erosion of the rocks, usually housing small typical localities with a strong fishing tradition.

The great beauty of this Fajã derives in part to its charming lake, with brackish waters, allowing panoramas of rare beauty and peace of mind.

This is a region of big natural importance, habitat of many Avifauna species, namely aquatic birds. Here is also located the Nossa Senhora de Lurdes Chapel, dated from 1908, which waters that sprang from a low tide well are said to be miraculous, as they are blessed by the Saint.

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