Almourol Park

Vila Nova da Barquinha


The Almourol Park project was born with the aim to increase the patrimonial and economical value of this lovely area. The project counts with an area of about 12 km of the Tagus river, comprehending areas of both Vila Nova da Barquinha, Constância and Arrepiado.

The project aspires to transform this space into the foremost Alternative Tourism Centre for adventure, nature, leisure areas and also for the country’s outdoor training activities.

All the Park area will count with bungalows with a capacity for 150 people, promoting 30 to 40 different kinds of activities, such as archery, slide, rappel, mountaineering artificial walls, waling itineraries, paintball, mountain bike, several nautical activities, among many others.

The area will also comprehend Restaurants and leisure activities, as well as great facilities to provide the best training in this type of alternative and adventure Tourism.

The Project counts with different areas, such as the Environmental Park of Santa Margarida, the Live-Science and Astronomy Park, the Nautical Centres of Vila Nova da Barquinha and Constância, the Viewpoint and Bar of Almourol, the Outdoor Training Centre, the Museums of Tagus and Almourol Castle, an hotel, and the Adventure Park.

The project aims to be all set in 2010, nevertheless many structures are already functioning, opened to the public.

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