Situated at about 13 kms from Loulé, the origin of the village of Salir is somehow lost in time, existing even the hypothesis that it might been inhabited by the Celts. A white row of charming houses surrounded by the typical Algarve Carob, olive and almond trees fields, composes Salir, with its Castle, nowadays in ruins, in the top of the hill. From the Castle, nowadays only the tower and two pieces of the wall remain. The Castle of Salir should have been built during the Almohad occupation in the 12th century, designed to protect the peasants from Christian attacks, and some years later Salir will have been the place chosen for the beginning of conquest of the Algarve from the Moors, being Salir an strong plaza with a very important role.
Next to the castle a Museum was built in order to preserve and present the archaeological studies that here have been developed.
The Church of Salir is the pride of the population, located in the central square, also the village centre, where the biggest traditional party has place every year in May.

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