Vilar Seco



Vilar Seco is a lovely village located in the Nelas department, on the amazing region of Dão-Lafões, known for its fertile soils and for its rural feature.

This is a region of quite ancient human occupancy with some archaeological vestiges, namely pre-historical, Roman and from the early medieval period, which confirm the antiquity of Vilar Seco.
Despite all the development and progress of the last centuries, namely the growth of the industrial activity throughout Nelas department, Vilar Seco has been able to maintain its rural ambiance, of a peaceful tranquil village, preserving its traditions and heritage.

Showing off the richness that these fertile soils have provided to the Land Lords, are the many Manor Houses and small Palaces of the region, leaving a stately architectonic heritage, using local materials such as granite and wood. Monuments such as the Ponces de Carvalho, Condes de Primes or Álvaro de Albuquerque Houses, which certainly enrich the beauty of the region.

Located in the fertile Dão Demarcated Wine Region, where are produced the famous Dão wines, Vilar Seco also has many and beautiful Estates, such as the Tralcume, Serrado, Fata and Cerca Estates, that produce the fresh products, so appreciated in the regional gastronomy.

Vilar Seco is proud of its ancient Mother Church, with origins in the 12th century, and also of its Pillory, the Public Fountain, and of course, of its many antique festivities and traditions, nowadays still perpetuated by the youngest generations.

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