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Vila Verde

Vila Verde is a lovely village situated in the greenish Minho region, on the North of Portugal, in a region of great natural beauty, with a charming heritage with much to tell and see, and where the famous vinho verde wine is produced.
Vinho Verde is a light, acidic and often slightly sparkling wine, whose name means ‘green wine’, as in reference to its youth.

This is region with quite ancient human occupancy, with several pre-historical and hill fort vestiges, like the Castro Barbudo or the S. Julião de Caldelas Citânia. Vila Verde would have some importance already before the formation of the Portuguese Nationality, in the 12th century.

Nowadays, Vila Verde maintains its charming rural feature that comes from ancient times and has been the substance of the region, even though quite modernized these days, where the Vinho Verde wine is the king.
Throughout the region ca be found several manor houses from the “wine lords”, showing off the importance of this industry.

In Vila Verde, the typical granite architecture denotes a bucolic ambiance filled with peace of mind, as it is visible in the 18th century São Paio Church or in the baroque Santo António Chapel (17th and 18th centuries).

The valleys of the rivers Cávado, Homem and Neiva provide unforgettable landscapes, perfect for the practice of the most diversified touristic, sport and leisure activities, as in the delightful Malheira and Faial Fluvial Beaches.

Land of tradition, Vila Verde is also famous for its handicraft, with works in wicker, wood, ceramics and the much famous Lenços dos Namorados (“sweet-hearts handkerchiefs”(, following a tradition from the 18th century, when women would embroider and offer them to their sweethearts. If they felt the same, they would wear the handkerchiefs in public. This rich heritage is present in the interesting Lenços dos Namorados Handicraft Centre.

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