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Meda is a beautiful mountainside town situated in the Central region of the Country, surrounded by a nature of great beauty, specially from February onwards when all the Almond trees start blossoming, promoting astonishing landscapes. Meda is also known for its renowned wine production.

This small rural town is situated at about 670 meters high, in an area of great landscape diversity, in between almond and pine tree forests, among granite and rocky mounts and many beautiful water courses.

In the region there are vestiges of human occupancy since remote times, with a special influence of the Roman occupancy period that left an important mark.
The region was stage of several conflicts and has quite important during the Middle Age, with several defensive settlements throughout the department, like Longrovia and Marialva.
The religious and military orders helped in defending and populating the region, such as the Templars that had quite an important influence.

It is worth to know Meda’s historical centre, as well as several interesting monuments such as the 16th century Mother Church, the Watch Tower, nowadays transformed a Clock Tower, the Praça da Igreja and the Park Fountains, as well as the Espírito Santo Fountain or the lovely baroque Casas Novas manor House dated from the 18th century.

Quite interesting is the Municipal Museum, right in the heart of Meda’s historical centre, in the former building of the Jail, where are in exhibition the facts and historical vestiges of the region, as well as an interesting ethnographic collection.

Town of tradition, Meda is proud of its ancient handicraft techniques, producing famous works in pottery, linen, wool and basketry.
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