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Coruche is a proud Ribatejo’s region village, located on the slope above the lovely right Sorraia river bank, with human presence since early times. In fact, in the Coruche region there are some vestiges of human occupancy since the Palaeolithic period.

Coruche’s department is considered to be one of the most important agricultural centres in the Country, promoting beautiful landscapes all around.
With a very rich legacy and heritage, it is possible to see in the region several ruins from the Roman occupancy period, such as in Mata-Lobos, Mata-Lobinhos, Pavões and Zambaninha, and mostly the ones in Quinta Grande. Besides, from this Roman period were inherited the latifundiums which generated important agricultural centres, originating small settlements throughout the department.

Coruche, in the heart of Ribatejo, the region well known for the bull passion, with traditional small houses with folk architecture and big and exquisite estates, with lovely squares, is surrounded by a harmonious and special nature.
Coruche’s Gastronmy is quite diversified and rich, combining the freshest vegetables from the fertile soils, along with succulent meat and cod fish recipes.
Several regional handicraft activities are still maintained nowadays, preserving ancestral techniques, such as the many items in willow, basketry, pottery, cross stitch embroideries, bullfighter suits or other textile works, among many other traditional products.
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