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Salvaterra de Magos

Salvaterra de Magos is a lovely village, typical from the Ribatejo region, next to the Tagus river bank, in alluvial lands, on a region with a great natural beauty, once chosen by the Portuguese royalty as a place of election for leisure and mostly, hunting.

The origins of Salvaterra are quite remote, as this is a fertile region with several water courses, as one can attest in Muge, a settlement with several pre-historical and Romans vestiges.

In 1542 Salvaterra de Magos was donated to the Prince D. Luís that ordered the construction of the Royal Palace, in which “Tapada”, a park for royal and court recreation mostly used for hunting and other leisure pursuits, and where the Royal Bull fight became famous.

The Royal Palace, the magnificent Gardens, the Opera Theatre Hall, and the Bullring were destroyed back in 1824 in a great fire, and all that survived up until these days were the Royal Chapel and the Falconry structures.

In this lovely village, surrounded by fertile lands populated by horses (one of this regions highlights), other monuments are worth to be known, like the São Paulo Church dated from 1296, the 17th century Misericórdia Church, the lovely Arneiro Fountain dated from 1711, the charming Iron Bridge Rainha Dona Amélia, signed by Gustave Eiffel in 1903, and of course, one of the most famous places in the village: the Bull ring of Salvaterra de Magos, inaugurated in 1920 and still nowadays one of the bullrings in Portugal with more Bull fight shows in the country.

Also quite pleasant is the Magos Dam and lagoon, located in the Magos river, projected in 1936, providing great conditions for the practice of the most diverse activities of leisure and tourism.

Salvaterra de Magos is also known for horse and bull breed for the famous bull show, that here find the perfect conditions, with greenish fertile plain lands until where the eye can see.

Thus, the most famous festivity in Salvaterra de Magos is the Bull Fair, that happened every year in June, attacting a large number of visitors and counting with all the effort from the population, proud of this heritage.
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